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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Most important reasons of relationships fail

Is your relationship going to be ended?

It is not easy to maintain a relationship, the most couples encounter a few obstacles along the road to have a long term relationship.
If they don't recognize earlier, these obstacles may push the relationship to the wrong direction and so to break-ups or divorce.
So, it is important to recognize these killers to avoid some damage.

There are many reasons of relationships fail and if these reasons are recognized earlier, you will have a better chance to save your troubled relationship.
No one can enumerate all the reasons of relationships fail, but we tried to list here the top reasons.

So what are these relationship killers?

** Lack of communication :

Having a strong and regular communication is one way to connect with each other.
Many problems start with lack of communication in relations.
When you assume that you know what your partner or spouse is thinking, that is dangerous to your relationship.
This will result a misunderstandings and arguments
If you have this problem in your relationship, you have to know that this is one of the reasons of relationships fail and you must do something to improve the communication in your relationship.

** Goals, ambitions and careers not supportive between each other :

The issues with careers and ambitions between couples are one of the reasons why relationships fail.
When two persons in a relationship have different ambitions and goals, the relationship can suffer in the end.
In a relationship, it is better to support the interest of each other to avoid strain in the relationship.
It is more easy to make the relationship work with a partner or spouse who believes and supports their spouse's or partner's career.
If the understanding, acceptance and support is not possible for 100%, at least the partner or spouse must be open to compromise and try to find a work around to make both their careers and relationship work.

In any relationship, sacrifices and compromise should be inevitable.
Of course, both of partner have to know how to balance their careers with their love life.
It is easy to said than done but it is not impossible.
There are many couples who are both successful in their careers at the same time they have a happy and strong relationship.

** You should not getting along with the friends and family of your partner :

The conflict with persons closest to your spouse or partner can be one of the reasons why relationships fail.
There are many persons around you like your friends and your families that both you and your partner cannot live without.
So, not getting along with people closest to your partner can put a strain in your relationship.

For example, a stressful situation can be in a relationship when you and the mother of your partner or best friend can't see each other or you can't stay in the same room with him/her.
In addition, the dinners in holidays and family gatherings can be more difficult if you aren't in good terms with the family and friends of your spouse.
So, if you want to create a long relationship with your partner, it is better for you to get along with people who are important to him or her.

** The issues and baggage of life :

Your relationships can fail due to the failure to deal with your life's issues and baggage.
There are baggage and issues of life when brought to a relationship that can cause damage.
Your current relationship can be strained by a lingering ex that can ignite jealousy, suspicion and distrust, so it is better to be clear with your ex and tell her that everything is already in the past and that you are serious with your current relationship.

You shouldn't compare your current relationship with your previous relationships because it is also dangerous and damaging to your relationship.

If you have children and issues from previous marriage, it can be a challenge and can also affect your relationship, so it important to know how to handle these things and make your current relationship work.

** Money issues :

Financial issues is also one of the reasons of failure of relationships. It can kill your relationship because the stress brought by financial woes and struggles can eventually ruin a relationship.

Many couples or persons can be stressed with financial issues, they can become irrational, hostile, irritable and cold with their spouse or partner.
These kind of behaviors can slowly kill a relationship.
It is better to be honest from the beginning about your financial status, you have to be open to discuss all about money sharing and expenses.
The effective communication about strategies and compromise of money can save your marriage.

** Infidelity :

It is hard to keep a relationship between two people but cheating a partner is as bomb that can kill a relationship.
Infidelity can destroy the relationship and some relationships will not be able to survive.
To betray the trust of your partner is one of the top reasons of failure of relationships because the feeling of being replaced or being betrayed is so hard to cope with and so the betrayed spouse or partner will walk out of the relationship.
In the other side, there are some couples can be able to survive cheating and make the relationship work again, it is better to not to commit infidelity in the first place if you want a relationship for a long term.

** Disgusting habits and behaviors :

Loving someone means you accept all his/her flaws, actually there are some habits which can become annoying over time and can push your partner to wake up one day and so get out of the relationship.

Some behaviours can trigger your partner to finally end the relationship like not putting back the toothpaste cap, not putting the soiled laundry in the laundry bin, not making the bed or leaving dirty shoes and socks around the house can be magnified if things are not going well in your relationship.

In addition, the bad behaviors that can damage a relationship and could lead to break-ups or divorce such as vagging, fighting in public, being a war freak, humiliating your spouse or partner, holding on grudges, name calling or cursing when arguing,hitting your spouse or partner when you are angry, throwing things when arguing, too much or unreasonable jealousy, avoiding discussions about the issues in your relationship, lying or being dishonest with your spouse or partner.

To be in a relationship have to teach couples to be better people not become worse so it is better to change for the better to have a strong relationship than acquire unfavorable habits or behaviors that can damage your relationship.

** The routine :

The excitement in the relationship can die because you and your partner became too comfortable and many things become more of a routine.

In this stade, you become more like friends than lovers. To be too comfortable with each other takes away the romance in the relationship and it makes it boring.

When couples do the same things together over, they stop growing as an individual and as a partner.

You have to break the routine and spice up your relationship.
There are some things and interests that you can do separately to grow as a person and there are other things that you can do together to bond with each other.

It is important to let your spouse or partner to have his/her own space to do his/her own thing or enjoy the company of his/her friends but it is also important to have time alone with each other through regular dates or vacations to bond with each other and create new and exciting memories.