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Monday, 24 July 2017

What you must do or not in online chat rooms

The etiquette is very important in any discourse whether it be online or offline, it guides people during the discourse.

There are many chat room communities on the internet providing a venue where chatters can discuss regarding topics that are amendable to everyone.

Many chat rooms have rules that users must to follow. These rules are imposed to ensure that no one is offended during the discussion. 

1. You musn't give vital personal information about yourself such as your telephone number, home address or work address or the location of your office.
For teenagers or students don't give out personal information for your parents or your own information such as the name and location of your school or your daily schedule. Because if you give this kind of information out, you and your family will be exposed to danger.

2. Don't meet alone someone just met him online. You should bring with you a friend or a member of your family. It's better to make the meeting in a very public place to be safe than to be sorry if things got wrong.

3. Don’t send your photo or anything else without checking the background of the person to whom you will send the photos.
If you feel uncomfortable and uncertain, the best decision is not to send. You must use the instinct and good judgment and try to ask for his or her photo instead, you should learn more about the background of the person.

4. You should not responding to any message making you feel uncomfortable.
Answering only encourages more nasty messages to be sent to you.
Report or contact the administrator of the chat room for help in disciplining rude posters.

5. You should never brag. While it is true, no one will know what you you said and if it is true or not, who cares?
Bragging can cause problems during chatsbecause you will send out a signal to those who could defraud you.
It's better to limit any information about yourself that you may want to brag about online.

6. You must use respectable user names or nicknames for posting to be respected while chatting online.
Especially for women, avoid sexually names that will arouse the wrong kind of attention. When you decide on the name to use, you should think about your best qualities and the kind of persons to attract.

7. You must maintain an appropriate decorum in chat rooms. If you want conversation about sex, go to an adult site that encourages that kind of behavior.
However, if you want a serious relationship, adult sites will not suitable for you as most of users there because they are simply looking for sex and fun.


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