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Friday, 21 July 2017

Chatting safely in chat rooms

Chat rooms offer for surfers the way to connect with others that have the similar hobbies or interests, or discuss about careers and advices, etc...
In addition, chat rooms are used for other purposes for example online dating. It can be a lot of fun if participated in using common sense. But, there are many ways to ensure that your experience in a chat room is not one to regret.

When you talk with persons in chat rooms, you must never give out your home telephone number.
Because others can use your telephone number in a reverse lookup and will have your mailing address, and so, finding out where you live.
Also, don't give out your home address in online chat rooms because you don't know who is in the chat room or who is watching and you don't want perfect strangers to know where you live.

You must be careful of how answering certain questions and you should never announce your daily schedule in chat rooms. 
For example, if you are a student and you mention a specific class, anyone could ask what college you attend and will ask what time your class is later on in the conversation.

Without even realizing it, you have told a room full of strangers where you will be and what time you will be there. It's not the best idea!
Many people do this, but you should be careful when you send a photo to anyone in chat rooms.

Everyone likes to have a face to go with the name of their new friend, which is understandable, but try to avoid sending a picture to everyone and anyone that you meet in chat rooms.

The internet is a good way to meet new friends, it can provide an outlet for many people to find comfort in the shoulder of a stranger, but they should respect some rules and follow it when using chat rooms.

For example, if the topics become extreme or the conversation turns strange, you must sign out and ignore the chatter.
Finally, using chat rooms as a hobby can be funny, but you should never allow it to become your entire social circle.


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