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Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to win the heart of a guy

Have you fallen out of love and you are not sure how your man feels about you?
If this is true, just follow these simple tips to win back his heart.

** Tip 1 :

If you have recently met him afterthat you will have to make efforts to get him to notice you.
But if he is a person that you knew for a long time but you have just recently started to like him then you have to get the courage to tell him about how you feel.

** Tip 2 :

If he is go regularly to the bar, you can go to the same bar and offer to buy him drink. This is can help you to ignite a conversation.
If the guy you have knownn is for a long time, you can use the help of some common friends.
You can allow them know that you are very interested in the guy and would also like him to know it.
If the common friends offer to help then you should be in with a big chance of winning him over.

** Tip 3 :

You can ask him about his life if he is interested to talk to you.
It's also good for you to ask him out on a date.
He can think that you have a lot of guts or you are just over confident but there is a big possibility that he will accept and say yes!
If he is a guy you already know him and if your common friends have let it slip that you like him and you are interested in him, so you can now express to him that you like him and that you are interested in going out with him.

** Tip 4 :

When you go out for a date with the guy you hardly know, you have to make sure that you are dressed well for the place that you are going to.
For example, It is not good that you wear a short skirt and high heels if you are going to meet his parents!

** Tip 5 :

You should do something that is really nice for him.
A great way to show a guy how much you are interested in him is to do something really nice for him like cooking his favorite meal or orgonize a surprise party to him.