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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Are we missing the Point in chat rooms?

If one is always speaking, one never listens.
If you never listen to others, you are limiting your access to a lot of information an knowlege. 
People talk to each other by text, voice, and web cam.
This is a really big phenomenon!!

There are many chat rooms where people that have similar interests meet each other and share their perspectives on various aspects of life.
These are good and much cheaper than telephones, in addition, people can chat to one another simultaneously.

But it seems some people are very bored, and they want to be cool, insulting others, and giving this area of information technology a bad name.
A lot of people use the rooms for personal conversation that contextually no one else can understand.

When you go to a chat room about any subject for example jokes, it seemed like the same people were talking, but the most of the conversation didn't even touch the supposed subject matter.

It's good that bored people have others to talk to. It means depressed adolescents may feel more connected to others and not so alone in the world, maybe even having a positive effect on a possibly suicidal youth.

Technology is here to further the consciousness of humanity : computers and Internet can help bring all of us in the world together.
After you look at rooms of chat, you will note that is necessary to integrate more  compassion and wisdom into our new world generation.

It is great to have technology, but it is only one half of the equation because to make the Internet work properly, you need to instill the same faith that we have in science, into a faith that encompasses the actual creators of communication tools and the information.

We can invent many great things, but it looks like we are missing out on the great truth: that we ourselves are part of something great in itself: Life.