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Monday, 7 August 2017

7 tips to follow when talking to strangers

The most of people aren't comfortable to meet strangers but it isn't as scary as it seems.
If you want to talk easily to strangers comfortably, you can follow these simple tips :

1. You should go out alone

When you go to events with your family members or friends, it seems not a good idea. It must not be your habit.
All what you need to do is to go alone because going alone will help you to get in touch with new persons.
In addition, if you go out with your friends or family, you will spend all the time talking to your friends.

2. You should start contact

When you go to an event, you shouldn't want others to approach you to initialize a conversation.
It's not a good idea to stay in the corner and believe that other people will come to you to start a conversation. You must go to people and introduce yourself first.

3. You should not talk about the weather

Anyone like boring persons. If you start a conversation with talking about the weather, no one will take interest in you.
You should also stay away from religious or political opinions because you will have no idea about the effect of your statement on others.
If you haven't think about a good conversation starter, just say "hi" to start a conversation.

4. Allow them talk about themselves

Most of people like to talk about themselves. If you haven't a good opener, let other people talk about themselves.
You can ask them about their location, profession, education, hobbies...

5. Talk about yourself

People also want to know about others. Asking many questions can put them off.
They will feel like you are trying to interview them.
Try to share with them some of your interests. They may share something really interesting with you.

6. Discuss common interests

When you share information with your new friends, you will maybe discover common interests.
You must focus on these interests and talk about them because it will help you to find out new things.
If you have no common interests, don't worry because you may not end up making friends with all the strangers you get in touch with.

7. You should be friendly

You should be friendly when you talk to new people. You should not be pushy when someone doesn't be interested in talking to you.