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Monday, 31 July 2017

6 rules to chose the best place for first date

You met a great girl and that you want more than a one-night-stand.
You want to have a good time with her to develop a relationship for long-term.

I think that there is not a perfect general place for all first dates, just the perfect place for you and your future date.
For example, where you have been met your ex and it was great, could be a wrong choice for your date with the new girl.
You should make sure that your first date will be chosen successfuly in the right place.

These are some rules and criteria that can help you to make the best decision:

1. It is better that you make your first meeting brief,inexpensive and funny.

2. The place of the first date should be chosen according your age and lifestyle.
Maybe you don't know too much about the girl you are going to ask for a meeting, but you can make a clue about her, looking to her style of dressing and the type of people around her.

3. It is useful to make an exit plan for both guys and girls because on a first date, you may wish to leave early.

4. Interacting with the other person and sharing interests in dates will not only teach you, but also show the degree of compatibility between you.
Some places are great for the first dates like sporting events, concerts and picnics.

5. It would be different if you can find an event that she will remember it for a long time.
An event like circus, carnival, festival,... will allow you to have more fun than at a coffee place.

6. If you are dating in the evening, you should make sure that you walk in places safe.
Being alone with you in a place that is not public can make her feel insecure. It is normal! Don't forget that she doesn't know you very well.

You must be unique and creative to stand out among the other guys that she is dated and to ensure that she will want to be with you again.